Yah but guys..have we ever talked about these?

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im sorry but i keep feeling the need to share my tweets about jonathan toews

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"I still think there’s more to be reached, Whether it’s consistency or it’s something specific in my game, I feel like I can get better every season, and I plan on doing that." (insp)

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Get to know me meme - [4/10] favorite male characters: Iron Man.

I am Iron Man.

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"You just find what you love and do it for the rest of your life,"

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Gabriel goofing around ft. a Segway [x]

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This is what happens when I mess around with Patrick Sharp in Photoshop. The fucker’s beauty breaks things.

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I don’t even want to live on this planet anymore

the first suggestion on google for olli jokinen are you kidding me

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How to make the most of you snow day, with Dominic Moore [x]

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Ben Bishop iPhone 4 backgrounds asked by anon

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