marco scandella is an actual puppy (◡‿◡

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Martin St. Louis makes it 2-0 for the Rangers!! 

For you kids out there, that last frame is simply a uh.. nice philly fan showing Marty St. Louis how many goals he scored.. yeah, that.

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This is truly playoff hockey when rivals play in one gif. 

Carcillo got hit high and the refs missed it. Then he made an amazing play while on the ice and instead they called a hook. He was utterly pissed. He came out of the box, scored and did this. Such an awesome sequence of playoff hockey.

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as we try to survive this blues-blackhawks series, i’d just like to remind everyone that this happened:


no matter the outcome, there will always have been - and perhaps always will be - embarrassing drunken lapsitting

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Carey Price lookalike’s name is Jeff. Jeff and I talked about the Habs/Lightning game I’m watching before he left; he said he thinks the Habs are going to sweep and that he likes Stamkos a lot. Naturally I told him how I like Stammer too, and that’s when the words, “I like him a lot more than Crosby, that’s for certain” left his mouth. Obviously this isn’t going to work out.

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4/21/14 Blues @ Blackhawks Game 3: Jonathan Toews goes five-hole to give the Hawks the lead, 1-0

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I’m creeping on this guy harder than Pierre creeps on everyone. This will probably end well…

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Okay so, I just lay down to take a nap when there’s a knock on the door (sounds like a porno, right? Well, it’s not.) I get up, dressed in basketball shorts and a ginormous Hawks hoodie, and see the phone guy here to fix our internet. Plot twist: HE LOOKS LIKE FUCKING CAREY PRICE.

Someone help me. I’m gonna die.

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It’s bone-chilling, honestly…the only thing I can…that I’ve experienced is Chicago during the National Anthem. I mean, it literally gives you chills up your spine…
- James Wisniewski talking about the C-B-J chants from the fans during the Blue Jackets v Coyotes game 4/8/2014 (via dannybriereisaliferuiner)
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