Can we talk about how Sharp is posing like a frigging model for the photo and then there’s Kaner in the background.

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i like to joke around that i’m a basketball player but nobody believes me because i’m 5’10

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7/18/14: Jonathan Toews is sleepy (but not too sleepy to discuss his ambitious plans to Take A Selfie with an enraptured audience) [X]
ETA: Fixed the text a little. Many, many thanks to pksubbans for figuring out what Tazer was saying in the first GIF! ♥
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Toews vs Kane at the 2007 World Junior Championships Semifinal: Toews  slows the puck just enough to put Kane offside and prevent a breakaway

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smiley kaner to brighten your day

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I really wish there was a safe place online to just vent about things without people attacking you for having an opinion that differs from theirs.

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we do not talk enough about jamie benn’s voice

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7/18/14: Sempai and mini-sempai [X]

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(NHL Revealed Extended Edition: Episode 4)

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