You signed this huge deal but you signed it along with Kane, because you  wanted to stay and you wanted to stay and play together. [x]

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Well, there goes the huge bunch of followers I was expecting to lose because of the Pens post. I bid thee adieu. 

First person to give me a legit reason that so many Pens fans on this site are such spectacular pissbabies wins. Ready, go.

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Jonathan Toews trying to be clever about the leafs

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Being good to each other is so important, guys.

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**wow okay first of all this graphic is an absolute crazy mess but I’m in love with it at the same time so i apologize for that

okay hello all so as some of you may know for the last 7 weeks i have been at camp, or some of you may have just thought i was dead or something, but I’m back now! and I’ve been reminded of how amazing all my followers you guys are and i would like to give you guys a huge thank you by having my first ever giveaway! you guys have until AUGUST 29th 2014 to reblog this post to enter! then on the 29th i will use a random generator and pick a winner!


  • ANY players SHIRSEY from this section of the nhl shop! only shirseys for now sorry guys but once my career in either food testing or dog loving takes off ill be able to get you guys jerseys instead
  • ANY BEANIE from this section of the newagerebel shop! (if your a dude we can work something else out)
  • A bracelet made by me with any players name on it you choose!
  • If this reaches 100 notes i will add something else and if it keeps going up every 30 notes after that i will add something else!


  • I know this is annoying but must be following me but trust me I’m awesome to follow! (if you can stand the never-ending feels over hockey and criminal minds)
  • You have to give me your address for shipping I’m not sketchy i promise
  • Ask box has to be open so i can reach you if you win!
  • Reblog as many times as you want!! You can like for reference but it won’t count as an entry!
  • Reblog until AUGUST 29th 2014
  • No giveaway blogs please!

If you have any questions or anything you can just message me!

Okay thanks again guys i love you all!! xoxo

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I’m not some physics expert but I’m pretty sure the Cup weighs 35 pounds even when you’re lifting it.

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