is anyone going to the hawks/sens game on the 26th that would be interested in doing me a favor?

lol remember when I said I’d learned my lesson about seeing two teams I like play each other after hawks/rangers preseason? apparently that was a lie since I’m going to hawks/flyers tonight. RIP Lauren.

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what do you do at hogwarts if you start your period? 

like do you go and see madam promfrey? or your head of year? because i’m just trying to imagine the slytherin girls going snape and asking for tampons


I do not have the power within me to not reblog this. 

Christ almighty

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12/2/13: Breakfast with Ben Smith (X)

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  • Cop: Have you been drinking?
  • Me: I been drankin'
  • Cop: Surfbort
  • Me: Surfbort
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Gustl at the rink with his Daddy today 😍

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When Brandon Prust says some deep stuff

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